Our sub-chassis are machined from solid billets of forged aircraft aluminum on CNC 3 axis, computer controlled, robotic milling equipment capable of tolerances exceeding .001 inches. The highest industry standards for machining & clamping are used to assure no stresses are introduced during the process. After inspection the sub-chassis is black anodized for a durable finish.

The removal of the stamped steel sub-chassis and installation of the new one is very straightforward and doesn't require any special tools or black magic. Download Linn's assembly manual using the link and you are on your way. We have years of experience setting up these decks, so if you run into any trouble, just give a call and we can help solve any issues that arise. You can also take your turntable to a Linn dealer for installation or final adjustment.
A note about the anodized finish: Anodizing is an industrial finish primarily used for its hard protective qualities. Getting a pleasing cosmetic finish is very time consuming and therefore expensive. To keep our price as low as possible, we lavish our attention on the armboard, which is the only part that can be seen after installation. The entire sub-chassis is black hardcoat anodized, but the underside is plated with the swirls from the CNC tools still visible. It is fully protected like the armboard, its just not as pretty. Why pay for what you can't see!